Monster Name Codename
Air air
Cinder armadillo
Sonar bat
Sunstone bear
Buzzy bee
Lushleaf birdofparadise
Grimbolt blackcat
Puff blowfish
Memorial buffalo
Goldstone bull
Spark bunny
Zephyr butterfly
Sunspike cactus
Voltleaf caterpillar
Frostember cerberus
Strike cobra
Blackice crab
Tree deer
Flitter dragonfly
Independence eagle
Earth earth
Surge eel
Electric electric
Earthquake elephant
Fire fire
Flower flower
Pond frog
Brimstone gargoyle
Bayou gator
Gift gift
Gratitude gratitude
Flamegust griffin
Flare horse
Pollen hummingbird
Spitfire hydra
Ice ice
Aquaveil jellyfish
Darkbolt kangaroo
Light light
Embershade lizard
Flashfreeze llama
Vapor manta
Bug mantis
Tundra mole
Windstone monkey
Sporespark mushroom
Frostbeam narwal
Burst octopus
Hallow orangutan
Bolt ostrich
River otter
Seacliff oyster
Snowbluff panda
Soar peacock
Freeze penguin
Inferno phoenix
Tempest pig
Darkscale pillbug
Plant plant
Luster pomeranian
Holly poinsettiaelf
Flurry puffin
Flicker raccoon
Thunder ram
Magma scorpion
Shockwave seahorse
Aurora seal
Shadow shadow
Icefloe shark
Flash specialwolf
Sun sphinx
Silk spider
Tailwind squirrel
Lightswell starfish
Frozenflame tiger
Eeriewood treant
Mountain turtle
Lighthorn unicorn
Water water
Frost yak

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