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    DPL test

    January 24, 2013 by SnowWolf75

    This page contains three labeled sections.

    Note that we receive the section tag name as a prefix. |skipthispage=no|include=**|secseparators= -- |multisecseparators= ## }}

    Note that nested section tags will contain the complete contents of the outer tags; inner tags will not be returned as separate matches.

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    SMW test

    December 10, 2012 by SnowWolf75

    | no = | yes = | #default = }}

    }}}} Unlocked }}
    Sells For

    Breed/Hatch Time

    Quick Finish Cost

    XP Gained


    Purchase Cost Habitat(s)
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    Monster codenames

    November 27, 2012 by SnowWolf75

    Monster Name Codename
    Air air
    Cinder armadillo
    Sonar bat
    Sunstone bear
    Buzzy bee
    Lushleaf birdofparadise
    Grimbolt blackcat
    Puff blowfish
    Memorial buffalo
    Goldstone bull
    Spark bunny
    Zephyr butterfly
    Sunspike cactus
    Voltleaf caterpillar
    Frostember cerberus
    Strike cobra
    Blackice crab
    Tree deer
    Flitter dragonfly
    Independence eagle
    Earth earth
    Surge eel
    Electric electric
    Earthquake elephant
    Fire fire
    Flower flower
    Pond frog
    Brimstone gargoyle
    Bayou gator
    Gift gift
    Gratitude gratitude
    Flamegust griffin
    Flare horse
    Pollen hummingbird
    Spitfire hydra
    Ice ice
    Aquaveil jellyfish
    Darkbolt kangaroo
    Light light
    Embershade lizard
    Flashfreeze llama
    Vapor manta
    Bug mantis
    Tundra mole
    Windstone monkey
    Sporespark mushroom
    Frostbeam narwal
    Burst octopus
    Hallow orangutan
    Bolt ostrich
    River otter
    Seacliff oyster …

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  • SnowWolf75

    The server that the game gets its information from is

    Each monster has a codename that is (usually) different from its species name, and I've made a list of those in another blog post.

    When retrieving an egg image, the format is 'egg_monster.png' or 'egg_shinymonster.png', where is the codename in lowercase. Adding '@2x' before the '.png' will give you a double-size image, which is cleaner than if you just up-sampled it. For example,

    Similiarly, each monster has a thumbnail image (the normal baby form) and head images of each phase as both normal and mythic. The images of their other forms are taken from the SWF files of their animations, usually…

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