Giving Tree
Social Island Unlocked Level 40
Cost 3,110,625 Icon coin
Build Time 20 Hours
Quick Finish Cost 20 Icon diamond
XP Gained 72,000 XP
Capacity 4 Social Monsters / 1,000 Icon acorn


Ancient children's tales tell of a magical tree, whose toots ran deep enough to support an island. Legend tells that all opposites come into balance with the presence of a Giving Tree: life and death, light and dark, rain and sunshine, all meld into one peaceful balance under the tree's nourishing foliage. It is only in the shadow os a Giving Tree that Friendship and Unity Monsters can be hatched and evolved.

Social Monsters

Friendship Monster

Friendshipdragon-egg Friendshipdragon-baby
  • Eats 'social snacks' (supposedly are acorns but look more like pork buns) to level up
  • Requires a certain number of friends in your list for each evolution stage
  • Evolves into Electric, Ice, or Water variants
Unity Monster

Unitydragon-egg Unitydragon-baby
  • Eats 'social snacks' (supposedly are acorns but look more like pork buns) to level up
  • Requires unique referrals of people who have never before installed/played the game for each stage
  • Evolves into Earth, Fire, or Plant variants
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where can I find the island? I can't see it!!
The island is unlocked at level 6 and is immediately to the right of the main island. If there is a big cloud over it, click the cloud to remove it.

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